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  1. Krysta Francoeur

    I tested a couple meals from The Naked Lunch Box and they were really good. I had two varieties of their lunches.

    One was called Beat The Heat, which is a salad consisting of lettuce, watermelon, quinoa, celery, cucumber, grilled corn, and lemon cucumber mint dressing. It was quite refreshing but the lettuce was a bit soggy when it arrived – probably due to the delivery process which is understandable.

    The other was called Mulan, a meal consisting of stir-fried green beans, tofu, red capsicum, potato, red onions, raisins + organic bario mountain rice w/ roasted garlic, yellow onions, shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, and homemade curry gravy. This was really amazing as well, but due to the high calorie content I could only eat half for one meal (I was on a diet :P). The gravy had a delicious flavour and the beans stayed nice and crisp. The potatoes and rice made this a filling dish.

    I really enjoyed the little hand-written notes on each meal. It’s was a cute personal touch.

    These guys are really great, and I love how they’re trying to promote health through convenience. More vegetarian / vegan options (the meat industry is very hard on the environment, see why here: ), and eco-friendly packaging (no plastic) would get them a 5 star rating.

    Recommended :)

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