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  2. Krysta Francoeur

    OMG this place is AWESOME. They really understand food and nutrition, something that is really hard to find here in KL.

    Everything is vegetarian or vegan and the options are amazing. I had a veggie burger and the tomato soup and wanted to cry they were both so delicious lol.

    The place is basically a house in what seems like the middle of nowhere downtown KL, but it’s WELL WORTH the visit.

    Try this place. Immediately.

  3. 5.0

    A great getaway in the centre of the city. Tucked away in Jalan Damai, this bungalow is a haven for vegans, vegetarians and health food enthusiasts alike. Their menu is packed with local and western food that is tasty and healthy. There are extensive meat free options as well as a new menu with some meat.
    The coffee is also something to go there for. World class grade a beans roasted in small batches and expertly prepared.
    Highly recommended.

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