Our Mission Is Simple: Make finding healthy, sustainable, and ethical businesses easier.


Ever wondered if the products you buy have a negative social impact, or if the tomatoes you bought really are organic?

Would you love easy access to endorsed holistic businesses in every category of sustainable consumerism?

At SickBubble we’ve taken away the roadblocks that allow you to live a healthy, sustainable life. Our goal is to enable conscious consumers to vote with their dollar and create a shift in capitalism for the good of humanity.

Serving Your Community

As a user, you’ll be able to find, support, and send love to businesses in your area that make an effort to create a better world. As a socially conscious business, you’ll have your ideal customers flocking to your door / online shop.

What’s With The Name?

People often ask us, “why are you called SICK-bubble when your company is about health?”

The answer is that we’re all living in a very sick world at the moment. From society and cultural values, to the environment, to the processed foods, drugs, and media being mercilessly pushed on us.

We’ve been trapped in this bubble for far too long – and we aim to #burstyourbubble by allowing YOU to vote with your dollar and have your voice heard.

By making it easy for people to support companies trying to make a difference, we aim to create a shift in capitalism. One where a healthy and holistic approach to life rises above the traditional greed and corruption of modern society.

Meet The Team

Roman Sukharenko
Co-Founder / CEO
Krysta Francoeur
Co-Founder / CDO
Lee Maingot
Partner / CFO + Outreach
Karuna Skj
Partner / CTO



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