My top 4 workshops plus 3 revelations on Bali Spirit Festival 2016 – by Patrick Czubatynski

As a fresh yoga teacher, Bali Spirit Festival was not in my budget. But thanks to SickBubble I won a full festival pass and was able to go. I booked a cheap flight with Malindo Air from Kuala Lumpur to Bali. Malindo offers a really good service nowadays. I booked my accomodation for the week near the Ubud City center in Jalan Bisma. Jalan Bisma showed up as the perfect choice, cause it is very close the famous Jalan Monkey Forest, but at the same time in the middle of a rice field and very quiet. The crowing of a rooster woke me up every morning and I could hear the sound of the birds. I rented a scooter for my entrie stay, which made my life there very comfortable and easy.

The first morning on the festival ground was confusing. The Bhanuswari Resort and Spa where the Bali Spirit Festival was held for the first time is really big. I was not the only one lost in the search of a venue. The second day was already easy going.

It is worth to spend some time with the provided app and plan the workshops, you interested to go, ahead. The options and diversity of interesting workshops is huge and with efficient planning you can visit 3-4 a day. There was not a single workshop I regeted to go and a few so great that I want to highlight them here.

Richard Bock: Breathwork Quantum Light breath


Richard Bock has many years experience. His workshop is designed to free us from stuck emotions. His method made almost everyone cry. After the workshop I felt a wonderful lightness. He had many assistents and he provided a space where everyone felt safe.

Dayne Seraye: Embodied Priestess: Sacred journey into heart & soul


This workshop involved singing, dancing and praying. A connection among the attending people was quickly made. I realized that we are all spiritual in a way, but often to shy to express it. This workshop gave me a feeling of oneness and connection with all other people.

Suzanne Sterling: Vocal Workshop – Voice of change, Find your voice, Live your truth


Suzanne Sterling teached us: ‘’Not expressing ourselves is not only blocking out success in our life but also can make us sick’’. Everything we repress is causing problems. This workshop helped us to express ourselfs. It gave me courage to stand up more for myself and to stop being shy about my own voice.

Simon Borg-Oliver: Yoga Synergy: Physical Power, sexual health and pain free lower back


Simon Borg-Oliver is a experienced and successful yoga teacher. His teaching of yoga was revolutionizing my way of yoga practice. I impletend his teachings in some of my videos which I’m producing together with Deep Kumar. Check out the videos here:

My 3 Revelations at Bali Spirit Festival


With my ticket I unfortunatly couldn’t go to the concert in the evening, so I used the most evenings for reflection and meditation. Here are the spiritual revelations that came to me during my stay in Bali.

Expression is essential for personal growth and healing

Be yourself and show it the world. Express your feeling about the world. That might be the energy the universe exactly needs right now.

Give yourself space to grow

Practice to do nothing once in a while. If we permanently chasing goals we might miss to receive what is coming to us.

God is everywhere

Many of us searching for an invisible God. For some prove of higher beings or something. The miracles are happening right in front of us in every second. Appreciate what is and be grateful. God is visible in every leaf growing on the trees and in every person on this planet.

Ubud in Bali in a wonderful place to meet inspiring people. At the Bali Spirit Festival is a kindness among the people I wish for all people in the world. It is absolutly worth the price and I am planning to be there next year as well.

All the paths are happy and peaceful.

Patrick Czubatynski

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Patrick Czubatynski is creator of Yoga Samiti, a online space to improve your yoga practice.

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